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There are a few existing tools to access and publish nanopublications.

🌐 Web service

🛋️ Nanodash

Nanodash is the official web service to browse and publish nanopublications is

🔬 Knowledge Collaboratory

The Knowledge Collaboratory is a service to help annotate biomedical text, publish those annotations as nanopublications, and browse nanopublications.

📚️ Libraries

Libraries in various languages are available to manipulate and publish nanopublications:

☕️ Java libraries

nanopub-java (paper): the official implementation to sign, verify, and publish nanopubs.

🐍 Python libraries

nanopub: a python implementation to sign, verify, and publish nanopubs.

🚀 JavaScript:

🧬 @nanopub/display: a standard web component to easily display nanopublications in pure HTML, or any existing framework.

🛠️ @nanopub/utils: a TypeScript/JavaScript library with various functions to work with nanopubs (e.g. fetch nanopubs).

You can find other tools in the GitHub organization: Nanopublication

More informations about Trusty URI on their website

See this paper for datasets using nanopublications: